HIPPA Compliance

At Chamisa Hills Family Dental, we believe that you are solely responsible for your health – oral and overall – and that, with that responsibility, you maintain the rights to all information pertaining to it. Because of this, we adhere to the HIPPA guidelines and Privacy and Security Rules.

HIPPA Privacy Rule

The HIPPA Privacy Rule mandates that patients receive certain rights over their health information, including dental and billing records. For example, patients have the right to:

· Ask for a change in their records
· Ask for a healthcare provider not to disclose their information
· Ask a healthcare provider to communicate with them confidentially, at an alternative location or through alternative means. The healthcare provider must accommodate these requests if deemed reasonable.

HIPPA Security Rule

The HIPAA Security Rule requires all dental practices that are HIPPA compliant to conduct a written risk assessment and develop safeguards to protect electronic patient information. The purpose of the Security Rule safeguards is to protect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of electronic patient information:

· Confidential means that people can’t access the information if they are not authorized to do so.
· Integrity means that the data is not corrupted, or changed without authorization.
· Availability means that authorized individuals may access information whenever it is needed.

The HIPAA Security Rule also requires ongoing maintenance of safeguards, periodic risk assessments, workforce training and documentation.

Breach Notification

While we don’t foresee the breach of your confidential information ever happening – and while we take extreme precautions to ensure that DOESN’T happen – HIPPA’s Breach Notification Policy requires all HIPPA compliant dental practices to provide notification of breaches of unsecured patient information to affected individuals, the federal government and, in some rare instances, the media.

As a HIPPA Compliant Office…

…we have taken steps to comply with all of HIPPA’s official policies. Each of our team members has read and fully understands all of the HIPPA requirements, has been trained accordingly and keeps up to date on all of HIPPA’s new and changing regulations. As a HIPPPA compliant team, we have delegated tasks accordingly throughout the office, perform risk assessments as necessary, have policies in place that protect each and every patients’ privacy and rights and maintain compliance in an ongoing manner.

At Chamisa Hills Family Dental, we believe in protecting your privacy and your rights. If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please feel free to contact us today at 505-891-3190.

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